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Update for 2015 - Québec Organic Designation Specification Manual (Parts 1 and 5)

Changes have been made to Parts 1 and 5 of the Specification Manual used to control the organic designation in Québec. They will come into force January 1st, 2015.

They are aimed primarily at clarifying the scope of the Act respecting reserved designations and added-value claims with respect to the organic designation and harmonize labeling prescribed for products using this name to the requirements of the Canada Organic Regime. However, the technical certification requirements and the permitted substances list remain unchanged.

Arrangement reached between Canada and Japan on Organic Products

The federal government announced on September 23rd, the conclusion of an equivalency arrangement between Japan and Canada. It will come into effect Januaary 1st 2015.

This arrangement is the outcome of an extensive analysis of the Canadian and Japan organic production and certification systems. The scope of this agreement is restricted to plants, funghi and plant-based processed products. It will enable Canadian and Japanese companies to import and export certified organic products without additional certification. Certified organic products could carry the Canada Organic logo, the JAS Organic logo or both under certain conditions.

2013 Annual Report

The CARTV releases its 2013 annual report.  

This document contains a retrospective of its activities for 2013 and the main trends of its actions for 2014. Please note that the financial statement is presented separately.

IGP-Maïs sucré de Neuville

On January 21, 2014, the CARTV received the following file for examination : Demande de reconnaissance de l'IGP-Maïs sucré de Neuville.

BIO - Statistiques 2012

The CARTV publishes the 2012 statistics on the use of organic designation in Québec. It includes for the first time some data on area cultivated by species.

This PDF document (available in French only) presents the geographical distribution of organic operators, the resources used and certified products for each region in Québec.

IGP - Vin de glace du Québec

On October 30, 2013, the CARTV received the following file for examination : Demande de reconnaissance de l'IGP-Vin de glace du Québec.

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