Quebec Certified Wines


A commitment of Quebec winegrowers

The designation “Vin certifié du Québec” (Québec Certified Wine) is the result of a quality approach undertaken by the Association des vignerons du Québec (AVQ) in 2008 and which led to the registration of a certification mark at the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (CIPO). The AVQ has developed a specification manual, which covers all of the wines produced in Quebec, as well as a private wine certification program, in accordance with the specification manual’s requirements.

This program’s goals are to:

  • Determine high-quality standards and unique know-how of certified products, from the vine to the consumer.

  • Ensure the origin of wines (traceability).

  • Ensure recognition of the specificity of Quebec viticulture.

To achieve these goals, the AVQ has developed specific technical requirements pertaining to cultivation methods that promote sustainable viticulture, traceability of grapes and quality control of the final product. Although applicable to all types of wine, this manual also contains specific requirements for late harvest wines, winter harvest wines and ice wines.

The inspection regime provides for an annual audit for all applicants consisting of a review of the management plan of viticulture, winemaking and wine farming operations as well as an inspection of the operation site. This audit is carried out by Ecocert Canada, an independent certification body (third party).

Wines of the 2009 vintage were the first ones eligible to receive this certification. The certification mark (logo) on the products’ label identifies certified products.

Additional assurance for consumers

The CARTV has accredited the certification body Ecocert Canada since October 2010 to certify wines according to the AVQ certification manual. This accreditation assures the public that the body has the competence, independence and impartiality needed to certify these products and guarantee their authenticity.

Although it does not have all the benefits of a reserved designation, this private certification under the CARTV’s supervision is a control and quality guarantee for consumers.

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Quebec Certified Wines